Research projects

Current funding

  • EPSRC Programme, "META4D: Next generation metamaterials: exploiting four dimensions"
  • EPSRC Programme, "Catalytic Plasmonics: New perspectives in photocatalysis and near-surface chemistry (CPLAS)"
  • ERC Advanced, "New frontiers in nanophotonics: integrating complex beams and active metasurface devices (iCOMM)"
  • The Royal Society, NIF Dr Tsz Wing Lo "Engineering the excitonic emission in atomically thin semiconductor through nanophotonic heterostructures"

Past recent funding

  • US ARO, "Plasmon-phonon and plasmon-magnon interaction in metamaterials"
  • EC FET-Open CSA Nanoarchitectronics NANOARC
  • EC Erasmus Mundus Partnership NANOPHI: Europe/Asia-Pacific Exchange Programme in Nanophotonics
  • The Royal Society, NIF Dr A Minovich "Optical metasurfaces to bring computer graphic tricks to reality"
  • The Royal Society, IES "Nonlinear optics with photonic metasurfaces"
  • ERC Advanced, "Frontiers in nanophotonics: integrated plasmonic metamaterial devices (iPLASMM)"
  • EPSRC Programme, "Active Plasmonics: electronic and all-optical control of photonic signals on sub-wavelength scales (APLAS)"
  • NSF/EPSRC, "Materials World Network: Understanding the optical response of designer epsilon-near-zero materials"
  • EPSRC, "Design of plasmonic nanostructures for an enhanced control over their ultrafast nonlinear optical response"
  • US ARO, "Nonlocal plasmonic metamaterials for ultrafast and nonlinear optics"
  • Seagate Technology Inc. (USA/UK)
  • The Royal Society, IES "Aluminium plasmonics"
  • INTEL Inc. (USA/Ireland)
  • US ARO, "Collective nonlinearities in plasmonic metamaterials"
  • The Royal Society, IES "Silicon metamaterials"
  • EC FP7, STREP BONAS: Bomb factory detection by networks of advanced sensors
  • EC FP7, STREP PLAISIR: Plasmonic innovative sensing in the IR
  • The Royal Society, NIF P. Ginzburg "Quantum emitters in nano-plasmonic environment"
  • The Royal Society, NIF J. Zhang "Metamaterial analogue of electromagnetic induced transparency for biosensing"
  • EC COST action MP0803 Plasmonic components and devices
  • EPSRC,"Fabrication, characterisation and nanophotonic applications of plasmonic waveguides made of metallic nanorod arrays"
  • EPSRC, "Investigating the fabrication and dipole characteristics of complex ferroelectric nanoshapes"
  • US DoE Argonne National Lab, "Dynamics and nonlinear optical properties of active plasmonic nanostructured systems"
  • EPSRC, "Surface plasmon devices for applications in communication and signal processing"
  • EC FP6, Network of Excellence on Plasmo-nano-devices
  • EC FP6, Network of Excellence PHOREMOST
  • The Royal Society, "Design and applications of plasmonics structures for biosensing and imaging"
  • US DoE Argonne National Lab, "Assemblies of Au nanorods for the fabrication of solar cells: a step towards the integration of active plasmonic nanodevices"
  • EPSRC, "NSF-EPSRC Materials Programme: Novel non-linear photonic metamaterials based on metallic nanostructures"
  • EC/INTAS, "Monolayered opalline superlattice: application to nanotechnology of 2D ordered array of epitaxial nanodots and metalattice conductors"
  • Invest Northern Ireland, "Nanotec Northern Ireland: Industrial Nanotechnology Centre"
  • EPSRC, "Towards plasmonics: active control of surface plasmon-polariton waves"
  • EPSRC, UK Network on Nano-optical Microscopy
  • Seagate Technology Inc. (USA/UK)
  • EPSRC, "Near-field second-harmonic imaging and diagnostics of advanced magnetic materials and devices"
  • EPSRC, "Optical manifestations of planar chirality"
  • EPSRC, "Near-field, second-harmonic optical microscopy of mesoscopic magnetic and ferroelectric structures"
  • The Royal Society, "Apertureless second-harmonic SNOM"